5 Ultralight Travel Packing Insider Tips

5 Travel Packing Tips with Packable Outfit | Gym Aesthetics

You love to travel and experience new adventures? However the preparation and packing are troublesome and annoying. Here we have some packing tips for you.
Travel Packing Tip 1 - pack light | Gym Aesthetics

Tip 1 : Pack light

It’s OK to wear the same t-shirt a few days in a row. Taking half the clothes you think you will need is fine. GA packable tee shirt is the best travel shirt choice for you, it is light-weight, packable & also has 4 in 1 function with anti-bacterial and moisture regulation. Plus, together with our packable shorts & jackets, you can enjoy more space-saving even with small bag anyways for your efficient travel!

Tip 2 : Take a jacket

Sometimes, nights may get chilly, or weather changes suddenly. A quickly unpacked and water resistant packable jacket can solve the case easily. So, you are well prepared for any unpredictable weather during travel.

Travel Packing Tip 2 - Take a jacket | Gym Aesthetics
Travel Packing Tip 3 - take comfortable socks | Gym Aesthetics

Tip 3 : Take comfortable socks

Nothing beats a fresh pair of socks! You will walk a long day for sightseeing, a comfortable supportive GA socks with wicking & anti-bacterial function would be well suitable for your travel packing list too.

Tip 4 : Don’t overplan & stay relax

Slow down & enjoy every moment. Don’t plan your schedule too tight, two or three things and let the day fill in the rest on its own.

Travel Packing Tip 4 - Don’t overplan & stay relax | Gym Aesthetics
Travel Packing Tip 5 - Take photos | Gym Aesthetics

Tip 5 : Take photos

Sharing is caring. Record the pretty moments & your happiness as a wonderful memory. And don’t forget to share with us by tagging #gymaesthetics.

Last, as we know you don’t want to carry too much weight during the trip. Our GA Bag is a very good choice for your travel packing. It has the perfect size to store your most necessary belongings.

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