Demystifying Ugly Uncomfortable Compression Garment

In sports and fitness, compression garments offer many benefits during and after workout. Imagine putting on compression garments, your sensation of muscles contraction is much better, as the tension of the textile exerts pressure onto your skin and muscles. That means you will become more aware of your muscles control and movement.

Also, during cardio trainings or vigorous movement exercises, compression is particularly effective in stabilizing muscles and improving blood circulation. You can gain more control and master your body muscles more accurately. One less known benefit is that you can also reduce muscle fatigue and regenerate faster.

These all sound pretty good, but who wants to train in weird and ugly tight outfits that make one look like a sausage at the gym?!

Be Confident: Create and Show Your Own Style

Gmy Aesthetics HiTense Compression Anton Antipov

You train hard to get a perfect figure. Show what you’ve got! The tight fit of compression garments wrap your body like second-skin. This emphasizes your muscles and body shape. Your body is your asset and a reflection of your hard work. Show it, don’t hide it!

For those who just start off or are still “tweeking” the body figure here and there, it will surely take some time until you achieve your ideal body shape. However, it does not mean compression is nothing for you. Simply wear compression underneath normal T-shirts or shorts. In this way, you can benefit from the functions of compression garments and continue your workout until you feel confident and ready to show what you have.

Mix and Match with Modern Colours

When you look at GA HiTense collection, you’ll realize that compression does not equal to old-fashioned granny’s-panty-colour. Modern colors with cool highlights and details make you look sharp and more defined. Because of the tight fit of compression clothing, your clothes will stay in place and won’t slip around the whole time. You can focus 100% on your training, looking crisp and sharp.

Stay Dry and Cool (literally cool)

Say goodbye to embarrassing sweat patches on cotton tops and bottoms (and normally these make you stink!). GA HiTense is sweat absorbing but highly breathable. Your sweat is carried away quickly and does not accumulate nor stick onto your skin. In this way, your body can cool down without experiencing those confidence killing moments (goose-pump/shivers) because of the sweat-soaked clothes. This explains why the mesh areas exist –looking cool is as important as feeling cool.