No Time To Lose: HiTense Compression for Speedy Regeneration

HiTense Compression Gym Aesthetics

Long hours and intensive high-performance training can sometimes backfire if your body is still on the way to reach the 100% condition. Overly-bumped muscles can often cause tiredness and soreness, which flatten out your progress.

The worst enemy of all: Injury. The most common injuries during workout like muscle pull and strain, sprained ankle, shoulder and knees injuries take ages to recover. Life should not be driven by fear – so let’s get to the point. How to regenerate faster, prevent injury and perform better?

Everyone knows that the more regularly you train, the more your body condition improves; the stronger and more stable your muscles become, the less chance you get muscle fatigue, failure and injury. (Common sense, right?) However, what you may not know is that how compression garments can improve your performance and speed up your regeneration.

Compression is No Magic but Science: Strength Enhancement | Recovery Acceleration

Compression fabrics is effective in stabilizing muscles during workout movement thanks to its highly stretchable yet powerful properties. It exerts higher pressure than ordinary textile around your body muscles to create stronger support. As you exercise in compression garments, you gain a tighter and more secure feeling because the tension created by the compression fabrics stabilize the working muscles, avoiding vigorous vibrations.

Hence, you gain a better and more efficient control of your body during workout movements. Also, a research found that compression garments are particularly effective for supporting muscle strength development during explosive and fast movements.

Meanwhile, how can the recovery rate be accelerated by compression garments?

As your muscle grow stronger during intense exercise, small tears in the muscle tissue causes the build-up of lactic acid, which is the cause of muscle pain. Thanks to the highly stretchable but tense compression fabrics, pressure exerted to the body parts accelerates blood circulation.

More oxygen is transported to the muscle cells to break down lactic acid, the main substance that causes muscle pain at a faster rate. As a result, post-exercise stiffness, pain and discomfort are reduced.

A speedy regeneration means that you are ready to hit the gym and dive into your training again. Need not to say, regular and frequent training is the way to boost your performance.

Compression is for Everyone Not just the Professionals

Compression garments may sound very (or even too) sophisticated like something made just for professionals. For those who care about health and fitness, who enjoy workout, who want to challenge their personal limits, it is important for all to workout safe without getting injured.

As the body muscles are wrapped nice and tightly by compression garment, proprioception increases, meaning you sense your position and motion much better than normal. This increased awareness of body motion can help prevent injury caused by unconscious moves.

Delay No More. Keep training and performing

HiTense compression tights and tops help your body in-sync with your driven mind and enter the ready-to-performance mode. HiTense is an essential piece for everyone who loves exercises and working out, who wants an extra boost on performance and recovery rate, who wants to continue to perform and improve.

Lengthy recovery from fatigue, injuries and other motivation killing symptoms should no longer block your way along your fitness journey.