Upper Body ShoulderTricep Training – One arm Military Press Benefits

Upper Body ShoulderTricep Training - One arm Military Press

One arm Military Press: Build size & strength in your shoulders & triceps while keeping your joints healthy with this one simple exercise.

Basic Upper Body Training

One arm Military Press

Equipment needed:
Single Dumbbell or Kettlebell

Primary Muscles:

Upper Body ShoulderTricep Training - One arm Military Press
Upper Body ShoulderTricep Training - One arm Military Press


  • The one arm press done standing builds shoulder strength in conjunction with core stability
  • It teaches engagement of the lats in pressing movements, without using the lats as a shelf of strength many trainees are losing strength in their movement without realizing.
  • Overhead strength creates a much stronger body overall hence it is the choice of many strongmen in the golden physical culture period and the current strongman athlete scene. The good thing is it is also easily adaptable for every day trainees.
  • Unilateral movements (One sided) are largely neglected which tends to create imbalances in the body, such as the right side being significantly stronger than the left side, taking separate attention such as using unilateral training solves this issue.
  • Most movements in real life are unilateral and hence the one arm press should be the ideal choice of movement for the general population.
  • Strong and also healthy shoulders. It is an easy upper body exercise to learn and carries a low chance of injury, unlike the bench press which when misused, is largely responsible for shoulder injuries.
  • Shoulder girdle strength with the right mobility is commonly neglected hence the increased rate of rotator cuff/shoulder related injuries. If you can do a proper one arm press correctly, you have better than average shoulder mobility, this will get better as you perform the movement regularly
  • Unknown to many, a stronger shoulder actually prevents elbow and wrist issues, these joints work as a chain, the stronger your shoulders are, the less stress your elbows and wrist will have to take.
  • Beginners can use light weight for high amounts of reps with less chance of form break down, being able to maintain a high work rate without losing form is essential in developing a training base for the beginner.
  • Many athletes with shoulder or pec injuries in the past that are not able to bench press or perform barbell presses effectively have reported that when pressing a kettlebell their joints feel no pain
Upper Body ShoulderTricep Training - One arm Military Press


  • Crush grip the handle, squeeze it tight if the weight feels heavy
  • Press with a vertical grip
  • Pinch your glutes at all times during the movement
  • Keep your vision on the weight and hold a tight fist on the opposite arm as the set gets difficult
Upper Body ShoulderTricep Training - One arm Military Press

Suggested Training Method:

It is recommended that if you start with a moderate weight you can perform 10-15 repetitions with good form. The minimum is to start with a weight you can do at least 8 reps with, anything that keeps you from doing 8 reps for now will be too heavy. Training twice a week would be ideal.

Training in sets of 10, your goal would be to build up to 5 sets of 10 repetitions with 90 seconds of rest in between sets. Once you manage to hit that goal, you can start over with a lighter weight.
As you progress further, you can up the weight and switch to lower reps such as 4 sets of 6 and aim to build up to 4 sets of 8 over the course of a few weeks. These are one of the many methods to develop a lift.