Valentine’s Community Challenge

Valentine’s Community Challenge

GYM ARESTHETICS Valentine’s Community Challenge 2019

We wish you a happy valentine‘s day! To celebrate this day and togetherness, we have a special for you!

At this year’s valentine’s challenge, we give away:

1×250€ Voucher

1×150€ Voucher

1×100€ Voucher!

And participating is super easy!

At this year’s valentine’s community challenge from February 14thuntil 25th, we celebrate “TOGETHERNESS”!

We are convinced that “TOGETHER”, you can train better!


You motivate each other, help each other on difficult exercises or push each other when motivation is low!

What should you do?

We want to see how your partner workout looks like! Hand your phone to a third person at your gym or on the street and ask them to take a picture or video of your partner workout!

Then, post the photo or video or your partner workout on your Instagram account and add the hashtag #TOGETHERGA. Also, make sure you add “GYMAESTHETICS” on your picture as well so that no one will be missed out.

No valentine available?

No problem! “TOGETHER“ does not only apply to couples that hit the gym together. “TOGETHER” is also for all the training partners or friends who hit the gym with you. Because “TOGETHER”, we can do more!

We will then repost all contestants in our Instagram story in random order and ask our community to vote for the participants! The 3 contestants with the most upvotes will be contacted and get a shoutout on our Instagram channel!


You prefer training alone, but still want to participate in the challenge with a partner. Now you don’t know what you can do together to participate?


Try out a CrossFit session! CrossFit is one of the hardest sports you can approach at your gym and demands lots of endurance. Motivating each other during the session can help to keep the engine running!

Valentine’s Community Challenge

Valentine’s Community Challenge

Partner Workout

Just like in the picture, you can try to do a simple partner workout. Try doing push-ups and whenever you get to the peak position, give each other a high-five changing hands after each repetition.


No one likes cardio! The more important it is to have someone back you up and go through this pain with you! Find a creative way of cardio like rowing machine and do your session “TOGETHER”!

Valentine’s Community Challenge

Valentine’s Community Challenge


Probably the easiest way of working out together, right?

Pick any exercise you want to do and let your partner spot you! No need for much explanation, right? 😉

Still not inspired?

The most important thing is, you are „TOGETHER” and have fun! How about posting a fun picture you to striking a pose together? Everything is allowed!

Valentine’s Community Challenge

Terms and conditions

Prerequisites for participating

You have an Instagram profile and you agree that we share your picture on our account.

You share your contest post within the promotion period from February 14th, 2019 until February 25th, 2019.


Eligible are all person above 18 years old. Persons below the age of 18 need their parent’s confirmation to participate in this contest. In case this confirmation is not available at the end of the promotion period, GYM AESTHETICS GmbH has the right to exclude the participant.

Also excluded from this contest are all employees of GYM AESTHETICS GmbH as well as their relatives and all people involved in the technical and organizational execution of the contest.

Voucher distribution

The contestants will be shared in our Instagram story on February 26th, 2019. After evaluating the results, the winners will be contacted via direct message on Instagram and informed to reach out to GYM AESTHETICS GmbH via E-Mail.

Data privacy

The contestants agree that in case of winning, their transmitted data will be used to transfer the prize of the contest. Transmitted data will not be used by GYM AESTHETICS GmbH for advertising or contacting the winners afterwards.